Redefining Retirement

Finding purpose, passion and opportunity as an older adult.



Nova Scotia's aging population is an untapped resource with a variety of skills, experiences and interests. The Redefining Retirement program is shining a light on this amazing group of people, and the important role they can play in invigorating our communities and rural economy. 

With nearly 30% of our population estimated to be over the age of 65 in the year 2025, we must proactively engage older adults; enabling and expecting them to continue and enhance their participation in communities and the economy.

Program Basics

Through a series of workshops, focused coaching session and peer support, facilitators will work with participants to expand an entrepreneurial culture among older adults. The intended outcome will be an improvement in their quality of life through increased engagement. Some may start a venture, while others are simply looking for an encore to their career, or a way to support their community; no matter the case, this program is about bringing together the resources and networks to help them improve their quality of life by accelerating their entrepreneurial pursuits. 

Facilitators and Supporters

The program is being supported by the Department of Seniors (Government of Nova Scotia) and facilitated by the Acadia Entrepreneurship Centre and Third Sector Enhancement.

Redefining Retirement - explained

This short video describes the background, and objectives, of the Redefining Retirement Program.